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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

You are visiting website of Mazur Dance School, dance studio at which for over 20 years we have successfully trained adult dancers in classical ballroom and popular national dances.

In adulthood and post-adulthood, every person has a time when he wants to stop, look back and ask himself: what have you
done in this life? What did your best, young years go to? Will you leave behind some positive memory? This usually happens in years of round dates, in the so-called Anniversaries.
So such a time is coming for me – not quite round, but still the 85th Anniversary. And, as a person who has been engaged in creativity all his life, I have prepared some answer to the above questions.
And this answer is in my concert.
Whether it is positive, negative, or simply neutral, it is up to you, the audience, to judge.
I invite relatives, friends, acquaintances and just lovers of old, kind, melodic music and dances to the RETRO JUBILEE concert. Because of my age, I gravitate more towards melody than rhythm. And the beginning of the last century is the golden time of melodies.
They say that Isaac Dunayevsky once said: if you heard music in the film and you can’t sing it next day tomorrow in your head, it’s bad music. I hope that after the Anniversary Concert, many of the audience will sing the tunes we danced to.
So, I invite everyone with a full family with children and parents on August 6, 2022 to the Cutting Hall Theater (at 150 East Wood Street, Palatine, IL) to dive into the golden age of Retro music and dance together.

Roman Mazur, director of the dance school Mazurdance